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Current Regulatory and Legislative Issues


One of the MRA's most important functions is to advocate on behalf of the food & beverage industry and to educate our members. Here, you'll find new or changing laws and regulations that affect you, your business, or your employees. Click the page icon to get the full story for any of the topics below.

Affordable Care Act goes into effect in 2014
Employers in Massachusetts have been dealing with mandated health care at the state level since 2006. With the provisions of the 2010 Federal Affordable Care Act set to go into affect in 2014, there are a few changes that employers need to start thinking about. Read the entire story.

New overtime rates for tipped employees

Changes to Federal labor laws mean you must adjust the hourly cash wage for tipped employees when they work over 40 hours.
Sample NRA Wage Notification and Employee Acknowledgement

Fire regulations now require a "crowd manager"
Starting June 1, 2011 every bar, nightclub, dance hall, or discothèque, with an occupant load of 100 persons or more shall designate a Crowd Manager in accordance with the state fire prevention regulation.
Crowd Manager Training  

Appeals Court ruling on administrative fee / House Charges
Where an employer adds an "administrative" or "house" fee to a customer's function charges, the fee is the same as a tip, gratuity or service charge and is payable to wait staff employees or service bartenders if the customer would reasonably expect the fee to be given to such employees in lieu of or in addition to a tip.

Food Allergy Requirements
All restaurants are required to train employees and update menus to meet new allergy requirements.
Food Allergy Training

Mandatory Liquor Liability Insurance
All restaurants must have liquor liability insurance to renew or obtain a Section 12 license.

Illegal to ask about felony convictions on written applications

CORI Law has been overhauled to prohibit employers from asking about criminal charges, arrests, or incarcerations on their initial written application. Employers are advised to remove questions regarding felony and misdemeanor convictions in order to prevent any unwanted liability.
MCAD Fact Sheet

Want to help? Become a Key Contact

As a Key Contact, you can represent the food and beverage industry in Massachusetts to our reps and senators, keeping lines of communication open for discussion and education on topics that affect us most. Advocating is a great volunteer opportunity
if you...                

-have existing relationships with one or more of your state reps
-are comfortable speaking about topics that affect MRA members               
-are interested in learning more and would like to meet your state reps


 Get involved today! Contact Steve Clark, Government Affairs Director, at Include your name and the name of your state reps, if known.

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