Industry Statistics

Food Service in Massachusetts
There are over 14,100 Eating and Drinking Establishments in Massachusetts.

Meals Tax Collections
The Restaurant Industry in Massachusetts generated over $641 million in sales tax on meals to the state in FY '09.  The average American spends 48% of their food budget at restaurants. Consumers in Massachusetts spend approximately $35 million per day on food away from home. Restaurant industry sales reached $12.8 billion this year, but sales were flat between FY 08-09.

Waitstaff in Massachusetts earned $12.42/hr on average, making us one of the top two highest paying states in the U.S. for waitstaff earnings and 33% higher than the national average.

The restaurant industry employs 307,500 people in Massachusetts. The restaurant industry is projected to grow 16,450 new jobs in Massachusetts through 2016, making it the 4th leading industry for job growth. 9.5% of the Massachusetts labor force is employed in the restaurant industry. Eating and Drinking places are extremely labor-intensive. The average foodservice employee in Massachusetts generates $41,914 in sales per year, which is the lowest of the service industries. The typical employee in a foodservice occupation is female (55%), under 30 years of age (54%), single (67%), working part-time and averaging 25 hours/week , and living in a household with two or more wage earners (78%).

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