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Committee Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever thought about ways that you can give back?
Have you ever contemplated getting involved and trying to bring about some positive change?
Are you the type of operator who enjoys meeting others and cares about the future of our industry?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of the above, consider volunteering on an MRA committee.
There's a committee for everyone - it's time to get involved!

Business Partners Committee
This group represents Business Partners and meets approximately six times per year for two hours each session.

The Committee's purpose is:
  • To build value for the Business Partners
  • To create networking opportunities
  • To develop programs of value to the Business Partners
  • To recruit members for the MRA
  • To choose the Business Partner and Business Partner Associate of the Year
Caterers Committee
This Committee meets in the Fall and Spring or as determined by the Committee.

The Committee's purpose is:
  • To develop programs of interest for caterers
  • To share information on the latest trends
  • To present information relative to regulatory and legal actions affecting the segment
  • To disseminate information to the membership relative to catering
  • To recruit related members for the MRA
Green Team Task Force
The Green Team combines eco-friendly restaurateurs and foodservice operators along with associate members who provide products and services that promote sustainability in our industry. This task force meets four times per year.

The purpose of the Task Force is:
  • To provide a constructive overview of environmental sustainability specific to our industry
  • To develop programs and communications that keep members informed of business opportunities, challenges, and technological enablers
  • To assist members in determining the best measurement for green performance and certification
  • To share best practices which may be applied to all levels of operating budgets
Human Resource Committee
The restaurant industry is labor intensive. As such, there are many human resource issues. This Committee is open to anybody with an interest or expertise in human resources. It meets twice a year or as agreed to by the Committee.

The Committee's purpose is:
  • To share information relative to regulatory and legal issues affecting HR departments
  • To discuss workforce development issues and strategies
  • To review training initiatives
  • To suggest guest lecture series for committee meetings
  • To develop programs for membership
  • To recruit HR professionals and related companies for membership in the MRA
Membership Committee
Membership is the heartbeat. This Committee meets four times a year. The composition will include members representing all market segments.

The Committee's purpose is:
  • To develop strategies for membership acquisition and retention
  • To review and evaluate member services
  • To identify opportunities to better serve various market segments
  • To ensure that the membership is representative of all segments
  • To create an Annual Membership Drive
  • To suggest endorsement opportunities to the Board of Directors
Public Relations/Communications Committee
Some might say that technology has added chaos to our methods of communication. However, today's successful association is able to strike a balance and use it to strengthen their message.

The Committee's goals are:
  • To review, evaluate and improve all of the Association's communication vehicles (i.e. newsletters, websites, social marketing sites, etc.)
  • To improve the MRA's image with all audiences (public, members, non-members, etc.)
  • To improve the industry's image with these same audiences
  • To organize and oversee the "Stars of the Industry" event
Trade Show Committee
The New England Food Show is essential to the economic well-being of the MRA. This Committee meets approximately six times throughout the year.

The Committee's purpose is:
  • To review the strengths and weaknesses of the show
  • To continually work to develop programs that will drive attendance to the show
  • To develop strategies for building attendance
  • To create strategic alliances that will benefit the show
  • To work with the show contractor to implement change and keep the show interesting for attendees and of value to exhibitors
  • To recruit exhibitors for the show
Western Massachusetts Committee
This Committee meets three times a year or as needed.

The Committee's purpose is:
  • To develop programs and meetings to serve the needs of our Western Mass. members
  • To form strategic alliances with other Western Mass. groups
  • To recruit members from Western Mass. for MRA membership
  • To ensure that the needs of the Western Mass. members are being met by the MRA and its
    Educational Foundation
MRAEF Education Committee

The MRAEF is the Association's Educational Foundation. This Committee meets three times a year.

The Committee's purpose is:

  • To assess and fulfill the professional development needs of the MRA's diverse membership
  • To create programs in all areas of our state
  • To review programs for the MRA's trade show
  • To build strategic alliances with other organizations when mutually beneficial to advance the education of the industry

Or if you'd prefer, you can click here to download the Committee Volunteer Form, and please print these pages to fill them out. You can fax your completed form to the MRA Office at 508-303-9985.

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I would like more information about how I can get involved with the following MRA committees:
     Associate Members Committee
 Caterers Committee
 Green Team Task Force
 Human Resource Committee
 Membership Committee
 Public Relations/Communications Committee
 Trade Show Committee
 Western Mass. Committee
 MRAEF Education Committee

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