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Cut energy costs and
boost your bottom line

Did you know that by improving your building’s energy
efficiency, you could cut your energy costs by up to 30%?

With National Grid programs for businesses small and large,
you can strengthen your bottom line with energy-efficient
lighting upgrades, lighting occupancy sensors, walk-in
cooler efficiency measures, and other custom solutions.
As part of the program, you’ll receive:

  • A free on-site energy assessment
  • A customized proposal with recommended
    energy efficiency measures
  • Equipment installation at your convenience

Plus, for small business customers, National Grid will
pay up to 70% of the installation and equipment costs.*
The remaining share of project costs can be covered
by interest-free bill repayment over 24 months.*

We’ll help you find savings with a plan that best meets
your company’s needs.

Download more information:

*For qualifying small business customers with
peak electric demand below 300 kW.

Big savings for
historic Mews Tavern

National Grid’s Small Business
Program helped Mews implement
affordable, high-efficiency lighting
upgrades that save energy,
reduce operating costs, and
cut carbon emissions.

Wakefield, RI
The result:
Total Project Cost $28,159
National Grid Incentive $19,7112
Cost to Customer $8,448
Estimated Annual Energy
Cost Savings

Annual kWh Savings 77,750

“Our business is very visual and detail-oriented. Good lighting is critical for doing our best work. Being able to improve our lighting and save on energy costs is just smart business for us.”

—Bob Betti, VP of Manufacturing

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